Storytelling Workshops

Story is the oldest form of communication used by our elders and forgotten in the era of efficiency.  The power of story has been recognized for its effectiveness in teaching principles, building understanding and problem solving.  When organizations are faced with the challenge of building relationships, acting on principles and making rapid decisions, the importance of effective communication and common purpose becomes crucial.  Story works to develop create a dialogue highly unlikely to develop from a list of bulleted statements in an email.


All my workshops are upbeat and tailored to the specific needs of the client. Whether for entertainment, personal growth, team building or organizational effectiveness, they are designed to build a sense of connection.

Guide for Storytelling in Business (4-8 hrs)

The participants learn how and why the use story has become an important tool for communication, teaching and problem solving in the Information Age.  In the workshop, the participants learn about the various ways stories have been used effectively in the business environment, experience the stories and analyze why they are effective.  Depending on the length of the workshop, the participants spend time recalling and developing stories for use in their organization.


Collecting Organizational, Community, and Family Stories (4-8hrs)
The participants learn the process for collecting, crafting and archiving stories from their organization, community or family.


Crafting Compelling Stories (8hrs)
Participates will have a better understanding of the components of a compelling story and will understand how to shape their antidotal information into a plot and narrative.  They will learn powerful techniques for telling the story the stories they craft at the teachable moment making it most effective.


Community Building through Story (4-8hrs)
The participants learn the process for building a sense of community by sharing individual stories and developing a shared collective story.  This is a powerful experience aimed at developing understanding of the shared identity and purpose of a group or organization.


Oral Histories Collection (Project Determined)
This project is designed to collect and archive the stories of an organization or a community.  The stories may be used to preserve the history of the organization or the community, to reaffirm the founding values of a group or to provide a group of learning stories aimed at promoting organizational learning.

Understanding Differences through Story (4hs-8hrs)
The participants learn and experience how stories shape the beliefs and values of different cultures and how those stories can be used to build a greater understanding of differences and a greater appreciation of commonalities.


Voice Theatre (Project Determined)
This project is designed to help an organization or communities understand the perspective of a given group or groups (business support, engineer, middle manager, operator) or a given culture (Asian employee, European employee, etc).  From this understanding, the organization or community can examine processes, systems and cultural elements inhibited effectiveness.  The process involves collecting the stories of the groups and then crafting a collective story which speaks the voice of that group in a non-threatening environment.  The validity of the collective stories is confirmed by the group being presented as part of the process. 

Communication through Story (4-8hrs)
The participants learn why stories have been recognized as a powerful tool for communicating in the Information Age.  They learn what makes a good story and how to effectively use those stories to illustrate principles, to teach and to build a common understanding.


Leading with Stories (4-8 hrs)
The participants explore the different ways to use story to teach and lead and will learn why it works. From this knowledge, they will examine the elements of a good story and will learn a process to remember and develop their own stories for use in leading.


Building a Shared Vision (4hrs)
The participants will learn how to begin to develop a shared vision by listening to stories and telling stories.  They will learn how a shared story builds a shared vision.


Using Story for Problem Solving (2-4hr)
The participants will learn how to evoke and listen to the stories of others in order to understand problems affecting the successful implementation of a project or process.  Note: The workshop serves will as a precursor to the Causal Loop Modeling Workshop.  The participants would learn to evoke and listen to the stories and then collect them for use in the development of the causal loop model in the next workshop.