Molly did a great job of being sensitive to cultural issues, interpreting things that are sometimes expressed a little differently, and fielding many challenging and tough questions....A truly great session and high value for our team!!! 
Tony Satterfield
Regional Manager Great China Sales Eastman Chemical

The “space” needed for storytelling is more than a physical space; it includes the idea of a story-friendly environment, an atmosphere in which stories thrive. Molly Catron of Eastman Chemical talked about the need to create a safe place for “stories to be born.” By telling stories herself, she says, she gives others permission to tell them.
Don Cohen
IBM/Lotus Institute for Knowledge Management

This was such a breath of fresh air.  The stories brought tears to my eyes and made me stop and think about what is important in life.
Kathy Brozenski,
Principal of A.D. Lowe Elementary School

Molly took me back to a time I had nearly forgotten.  Here vivid attention to detail made me “see” her family and their surroundings…….the color, the aromas, the love that they had for each other.  What an experience!
Sharon Duffy,
South Carolina Coordinator of Elementary Instruction

Among many very rich stories that were shared during the Symposium I'll pick the one that moved me the most (and does every time I've heard it), and that was Molly Catron's "Dave" story.  First of all, I find Molly to be such a great storyteller!  Not only does she have the art down well, but it came from such an honest place in her experience
Rob Creekmore   
Virtual Storytelling Symposium

Thank you for the excellent delivery of (leadership) training materials. The response was better than I have expected from the participants. We are anxious to put the material into use in work practices in the next months.
David Baker
Plant Manager
Eastman Hong Kong Unlimited

It really was a pleasure working with you, and I hope to get the opportunity again in the future. Take care, and make sure to never lose your zest for life. You are such a great person to be around!
Carol D. Schenkel
BMW Manufacturing Corp.

What a treat!!  Hearing Molly’s stories brought my own childhood memories rushing into my middle-age brain.  The details, the feelings, the humor and the songs………….all of these helped me feel the “colorless love” of her rich childhood. 
Julie Thompson,
Director, School District of Pickens County

Having you for an instructor helped bring the material to life and made the 3 days pass very quickly.  Thanks for your time and all your entertaining stories. I plan to put some of what I learned into action immediately.  

Production Operator

Molly is one of a kind!   The contribution she brings to our company is wonderful.  She is "other-oriented" and is extremely devoted to helping improve others in the organization.
Frank Buck
VP Chemical Sales
Eastman Chemical Company      

Molly has single-handedly changed some of the thought processes in our company.  She is extremely positive in her job and is one of our greatest resources in the area of change management!
Ken Collins 
Manager Inside Sales and Sales New Sales Training
Eastman Chemical

You truly have
touched our lives forever! We already miss you, your wonderful advice, and
those stories!!  You are an amazing person with an incredible gift.
Cecilia Deyo
Bic Graphic, USA


I recently got back from the National Storytelling conference in Denver. The platform was rich with brilliant women (Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Molly Catron, Madelyn Blair, and Susan Klein)  who were willing to speak their passions and share key ideas.  I found that, taken together, four of them gave a concise blueprint for a "storytellers' journey."
Doug Lipman
Master Storyteller and
Professional Coach


I was blown away by a previously unknown teller named Molly Catron over a full Florida Storytelling Camp weekend. Who is this woman? I laughed, cried, took classes, jabbered in a car ride non-stop for an hour, and every chance I have I give her my ear. I’m still trying to get her to record a story she
told me over lunch…years later, I’m still chewing on it.
Aloha, Jeff Gere in Honolulu

When ever I have the privilege to hear Molly tell a story I am inspired to be a better storyteller. She is truly a Master Storyteller. Her stories are well crafted, and her timing is impeccable.
Bruce Montgomery, Ph.D.
Professor of Communication, Milligan Collage

"Molly is a fabulous story coach -- for both storytellers and business people. She has the perfect blend of business background, coaching skills, and is an amazing performance storyteller in her own right. I've enjoyed working with Molly for a number of years and always get fabulous results. Pick up the phone now to book an appointment. You will be glad you did."  Molly had this audience in the palm of her hand.  Her stories lead them on a journey that they planned to take back to their classrooms.  She was a joy to watch!                                    
Marianne Frederick

Keynote Speaker and Business Consultant
What a beautiful voice!!  Molly’s stories are very heart felt and touching.  They took me back to a more peaceful time. 
Amanda McCoy

St. Jude Volunteer Program Coordinator



Molly took me back to a time I had nearly forgotten.  Here vivid attention to detail made me “see” her family and their surroundings…….the color, the aromas, the love that they had for each other.  What an experience! Thanks so much for providing such an inspirational lift to our HR team.
Your colorful stories and the "Value Proposition" were excellent ways to support an HR team that must understand how to support the business AND provide the "strength" in guidance to do the soft "stuff" consistently and well.
Mark Hoffman C

Corporate HR Director, St. Jude Medical Research

Her presence on the stage captured the audience from the very beginning.  The ease in which the Appalachian language flowed from her mouth grabbed the audience from the very beginning.  Her mind set was the key to setting up some of the most wonderful and funny family stories that I have ever heard.
Mountain Man Bob Phillips

President Jonesborough Storyteller’s Guild

Your work with our group was excellent and extremely timely.  I have gotten good "real" feedback from just about everyone.  I think your "real" style is what did it.   Wasn't just some "buzzword guru" coming through to show us some model of excellence dreamed up at HQ!  Really appreciate you pushing us into action.  
Leonard Combs  

Plant Manager, Toray Plastics (America), Inc.