There's a very special connection between a storyteller and a listener.  The images in the stories are shared in a special and unique way creating a shared reality.  Whether it be a personal story, spiritual story, historical story, a fairy tale, folk tale or wisdom story, they all do their work to beautifully connect our hearts, minds, bodies and spirits to one another.  Stories help us remember our humanity. When we remember our humanity, we know what we must be and do.


Each performance is tailored to the needs of the group or event and feature both elements of entertainment and learning.  If planned with enough lead time, I can find and tell a group of stories specifically selected to match the theme of your event or gathering. The performances are typically one hour in length and are suitable for the conferences, special meeting, dinners, rewards ceremonies, etc.


Wisdom Stories
Stories from different cultures teaching principles and values.

Organizational Learning Stories
Stories to help leaders and organizations learn and grow.

 Personal Stories
Stories of cronies, unlikely sages, and benevolent rogues

 Spiritual Stories
Inspirational stories from the major religions.

Bible Stories

Stories from the Christian faith for adults and children

Biblical Character Monologues
First personal reflections of Biblical characters

Multicultural Stories
Collection of entertainment and learning stories from different cultures


Topical Stories for Events

Stories told to fit into the theme of a given event or gathering (example: stories about quilts, stories about powerful women, historical topics, stories by specific authors, etc.)