Keynote Speaking


 I'm so energized when I speak to large groups of people about a topic for which I have a great deal of passion.  I think one of my gifts is the ability to "influence" others. I do not take that lightly, I have come to realize that true change comes from my "seeing differently".  That's why I love stories.  Storyteller's ;hold up a "mirror for others to see themselves and the world around them.  From the picture the story paints, they can make a decision about what should be remembered or what must be done.  I consider myself only a vehicle for the story. When give a keynote,  it is a cluster of stories formed around a given topic.  Those stories are aimed at helping the listeners to become informed, inspired, and somehow transformed. If they laugh along the way, how wonderful for us all


 Past Keynotes Topics


Organizational Issues

  • Moving from Industrial Age to Information Age
  • Leadership Disabilities from the Industrial Age
  • Change
  • Trust
  • Diversity
  • Customer Service
  • Using Stories to Lead
  • Shared Visioning
  • and others


Women and Family Issues

  • History of the Women's Movement
  • Reclaiming Natural Female Power
  • Stories of Powerful Women
  • Strong Appalachian Women
  • Mary and Martha
  • Submission and other Scary Words
  • Women and the Patriarchy
  • What Happened to the Goddess?
  • The Child, the Mother and the Crone
  • Celebrating the Crone
  • The Never Ending Role of Mother
  • Boundary Management 101 for Women
  • Losing the Seal Skin
  • and others

Spirituality and Religion

  • Role of Women in the Church
  • Submission and other Scary Words
  • Finding the Divine Feminine
  • Stories from Major Religions
  • Christian Monologues
  • more to come here.................see my blog, The Clucking Crone,  for what's coming as I grow more spiritual and less religious and venture to be brave enough to speak about it..